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Two Rivers Mission

8 April 2014 No Comment

Two Rivers Mission From Eleanor Ridge

4 weeks before the Mission starts – time to ‘step up’ our praying!


  • For every town and village in the two Valleys.- prepare the ground
  • For every person involved on the two Teams – for bold courage and gentle humility
  • For those who do not yet know God personally – may their every contact lead to Jesus’ Cross
  • For those opening their homes in hospitality – may their blessings be returned to them 100 fold
  • For those making and inviting friends – may great friendships grow out of this Mission

    for GOD Alone to be GLORIFIED

for  JESUS to become KNOWN

For the HOLY SPIRIT  to be RELEASED in Colne and Stour Valleys


Posters for Two RiversMission from Arthur Dalgleish

Posters (A4 size) advertising our Mission will be available very shortly. I am looking for volunteers to take them round all the shops and public places in Sudbury and district.

Please let me know of your willingness to persuade a shop-keeper or two, in your neighbourhood,  to promote our Mission through their window.

Thank you.




Telephone 01787 319917

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