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Open Forum December 3rd, 2008

3 December 2008 9 Comments

This evening 40 people heard news of recent events and future initiatives at Churches Together Open Forum.

Among the topics were

  • Reaching young adults
  • Sudbury’s Christmas Lights and last week’s “switch-on”
  • Marriage
  • Town Pastors
  • Family & Community – meeting needs
  • Stour Valley Vineyard Church
  • Improving this website.



  • Chris Ryall said:

    Sorry I wasn’t there – but would love to hear what people’s thoughts were – especially on town pastors, and the ideas from SVV – what were they?

    (In return I can tell you how well the students did whose books I marked tonight!)

  • Steve Millard said:

    I thought that the presentations were really interesting and thought provoking. I would be very interested in reading the stories of different people from different churches, in Sudbury, on this website.

  • Revd Sam White said:

    An excellent Forum meeting with a good blend of business, conducted in a positive and proactive way, and stimulating presentations that gave plenty of food for thought.

  • Tim Ayrton said:

    The great thing is that last nights meeting helped us all to be more aware of what is happening in Sudbury and district. This is really important for encouragement and further prayer.

  • Eleanor Ridge said:

    I found it so exciting to hear of the various ways God is changing our approach to Christian ministry. On tiptoe to hear follow-up! Ladies from Women Aglow were thrilled to hear so many of their prayers for Sudbury answered.

  • Lynda Sebbage said:

    A very positive and encouraging meeting and in my opinion, one of the best Forums yet. The initiatives discussed are tremendously exciting illustrating that we are a vibrant and proactive group of Christians keen to carry out Christ’s work in this place. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the Town Pastors!

  • Matt George said:

    1. All kudos to the chairman Roger Pullan for a meeting that was full of meat and instead of the two vegetables, it was a veritable feast for the heart, mind and soul.
    2. I was so pleased to hear about the presentations by Steve, Tim and Andrew.
    3. Until yesterday – 4th December 2008 – I had never heard of Town Pastors or the North Street shop lot 72 and I commend them for their initiative and Christian values in trying to reach out to the community.
    4. It was wonderful to hear that the introduction of Town Pastors in Ips – according to the police – had led to a huge 73% drop in sexual crimes and other criminal activity.
    5.Shop lot 72 sounds like a marriage bureau, a CAB, a Samaritans counselling, an anti-truancy lifeline and much more.
    6. Andrew’s church plant – from the bottom up – with the personal family style and vineyard approach was so encouraging to hear, particularly when he said, and I paraphrase: “Some of these people – the angry young – perhaps may have never been invited to a meal at someone’s home.”

    It’s obvious then that our society is breaking down when we learn that such courtesies and traditions are not extended to or are not part and parcel of many people’s lives. We do live in parallel worlds and we wonder why there is so much anger and four-letter word utterances and mindless violence and vandalism on our streets.

    7. The meeting offered so much meat to chew on. It was full of beef unlike the US election catch phrase ‘Where’s the beef?’ (With apologies to vegetarians!)

    8. I was glad to have been a participant and have learnt so much.


  • Margaret Tracey said:

    Good to see that the www. potential is being grasped!
    May God bless it and you.

  • Margaret Graves said:

    I was so encouraged by the forward thinking voiced in the different items
    presented to us last evening. I knew a little about some of the news
    discussed but celebrate that the aims of CTIS were to give encouragement to
    them and move them forward. Looking forward to hearing more and being
    involved with CTIS Thank you