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Wedding Guide

The guide to Church Weddings in Sudbury and the surrounding villages was updated in July 2011. Paper copies have been distributed to churches and other places. To download it, click here . (Please note this is a pdf, 2.5 MB, 32 pages A5 size. Print only what you need! The page numbers in the list of contents refer to the numbers at the bottom of the pages and not to the pdf page numbers.) Alternatively see under Weddings in the top bar.

Marriage Focus

The Marriage Focus Group seeks to promote church weddings and support marriages.
It is linked with Churches Together in Sudbury & District.

Activities include

  • Publicity for church weddings
  • Revising the guide to church weddings in the Sudbury area, to be available on paper and on-line
  • Encouraging exploration of relationship issues in schools
  • Preparation for marriage
  • Support for couples encountering problems.

For more information phone John Clark on 01787 313383 or by email.
For references to the past work of the group, click here.
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