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Our Covenant

This reworded version of the Covenant was signed by leaders and members of local churches in January 2017:

Churches Together in Sudbury & District: PERSONAL COVENANT
We, as brothers and sisters in Christ, rejoice in our unity and in His ministry
which we share in our town and district. We have diverse styles of worship and
practice, but are united in our belief in the power of God through Jesus Christ to
transform lives and communities.
We acknowledge with sorrow that we have not always matched up to our claim
to be one in Christ.
We now resolve to come together as Christ’s representatives in this area, as often
as we can, in prayer and study, in prophetic and public witness, through
evangelism and social action, to build up and strengthen the church and to
contribute to the welfare of our community.
We, ministers, church leaders and members, willingly sign this covenant in
furtherance of God’s Kingdom.
In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

P E R S O N A L   C O V E N A N T

This previous version of the Covenant was signed by more than 200 church members at and soon after a United Service in January 2007. It was previously renewed on 19th January 1997.

We, as servants of the church in Sudbury & District, acknowledge with joy our membership one of another in Christ and in His ministry which we share; we acknowledge with sorrow all that hinders the full expression of our union in Jesus Christ, the one mediator between God and humankind (1Tim2:5).

Therefore we covenant to come together – in prayer and study; in prophetic and public witness; in planning for mission through evangelism and social action, for Christian nurture, and for the building up of the church locally.

Together we seek the help of the Holy Spirit in these things so that where we live and work the loving purposes of God for His creation may be served.

To this covenant we now commit ourselves, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.                           Amen.

See also COVENANT Signed 2007 for a pdf version which includes the 200 names.

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