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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

The aims of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity are

°  To pray as Christ prayed ‘That they may be one’.

°  To pray for the unity of all Christian people as we share in Christ’s ministry.

The Week of Prayer offers opportunities to meet and pray with fellow Christians of different denominations.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2018

That All May Be Free

The Week of Prayer is international and offers local opportunities to meet and pray
with fellow Christians of different denominations.

The theme this year is That All May Be Free.

The material for 2018 was prepared for worldwide use by the churches in the Caribbean based around Exodus 15.

Praying for the unity of the Church involves a recognition not only of the brokenness of Christian relationships but also how injustice in the world at large rends asunder Christian communities and impedes our participation in God’s mission. History too plays a part, casting a shadow over how we live our lives together in community.

All of these issues emerge from the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity materials for 2018. The churches of the Caribbean region describe to us their own context, how the hand of God was active in ending slavery, and how God’s mission in the world is a call to us all to unite together in ending injustice, that which casts a shadow from the past and current forms of injustice such as poverty, trafficking and discrimination. This particular Caribbean experience is a challenge to us in our context to reflect more deeply on the injustices in our own nations in Britain and Ireland which create the divisions that impede our participation in God’s mission, with the call to actively work to end all division.

The Week of Prayer is an annual worldwide event. It is a great joy to meet with
members of other churches; please come to as many of these days as you can.

For Sudbury & District:

Day 1: Sunday 21st January, 6:30 pm, United Service at St Gregory’s Church. Speaker Revd David Cornick, General Secretary of Churches Together in England.

Read David Cornick’s sermon .

Day 2: Monday 22nd January, 12:30, All Saints’ Church Hall, Sudbury

Day 3: Tuesday 23rd January, 12:30, St John’s Methodist Church, Sudbury

Day 4: Wednesday 24th January, 12:30, St Catherine’s, Long Melford

Day 5: Thursday 25th January, 12:30, Salvation Army, Sudbury

Day 6: Friday 26th January, 12:30, Bures Baptist Church

Day 7: Saturday 27th January, 8 – 9:30 am, Prayer Breakfast at Sudbury Baptist Church

Day 8: Sunday 28th January nothing arranged

Refreshments will be provided after most services.

For those leading worship and for those wishing to follow each day’s theme at home, the material for the eight days can be downloaded from www.ctbi.org.uk .

Download this information as a poster or as an article .

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  • Malcolm said:

    The Week was well supported, with an estimated one hundred people at the Sunday evening and about forty at most of the other gatherings. We experienced different styles of worship within the overall themes of the Week.