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The Church – Upward and Onward

7 July 2020 No Comment

From Rev Malcolm Hill.

‘Hard Times’ was the title of a Charles Dickens novel. It was written in 1854, yet its title could well describe life as it is for millions of people all around the world in 2020!

The pandemic, of course, is the immediate cause of tribulation, but, a deeper concern has been exposed. – Humankind is facing a ‘mountain’ of need, made up of poverty, division and threat to our environment, and all this leads to bewilderment, fear and unbelief.

Yet, at the same time, the dark cloud over us has a ‘silver-lining’. Amid the woe, goodness and love have arisen. Kindness, humour and steely self-discipline have been revealed. The God of love has appeared in the beauty of the springtime, and as we recall the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, showing God’s mercy to the lost, healing of the sick, friendship to the stranger and sharing with the poor.

‘Upward and Onward’ is the title of a booklet, written by Rev Malcolm Hill, which takes a fresh look at the 1st century mission of Jesus, and applies it to the needs of humankind in the 21st century. – Is God calling the Church to climb UP and conquer the mountain of need, and move ON to care for our neighbours? To download the booklet click here .

The booklet has already been circulated to members of EnGp and to ministers. Please feel free to use it within your church for discussion or study or in any way that would be helpful.

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