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Simon of Sudbury

7 November 2012 No Comment

Simon of Sudbury

St Gregory’s Fellowship invites you to: “Simon Theobald the French Connection”, a talk by Roger Green, on Thursday 15th  November in St. Gregory’s Church at 7.45 pm –  £1.50 entrance to include Refreshments.

This painting, entitled “His Grace Simon of Sudbury”, was painted by Raden Ajeng Wahyuni, (better known as Nany Sudbury), a member of St Gregory’s congregation. Based on the bronze head made last year, Nany has painted Simon in the robes of the Archbishop of Canterbury. She painted this mild and gentle bishop with no beard or moustache as Pope Gregory VII, in 1075, had decreed that, to distinguish them from Jews and Muslims, no clergy were to have facial hair, which was not rescinded until the 15th century. (Text & image from website of St Gregory’s Church.)


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