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Protection for religious minorities in the Middle East

20 September 2013 No Comment

Protection for religious minorities in the Middle East

Noting with dismay the attacks on Coptic Churches in Egypt, and in Syria the kidnapping of the Syrian and Greek Orthodox Archbishops in Aleppo while working on humanitarian relief and of Father Paolo Dall’Oglio in Raqqa while working for Islamic/Christian dialogue and understanding, Nicholas Crampton, Co-ordinator for Eastern Christian Links has placed an ‘e-petition’ on the Downing Street website. The petition calls for the UK Government to act specifically in favour of religious minorities in the Middle East, especially Egypt and Syria. 

 To call on the UK Government:-

(i) To commit publicly to the promotion of toleration of and protection for religious minorities in the Middle East as an important part of UK foreign policy,

(ii) To demand of, and make a condition of diplomatic or any material assistance for, (a) the authorities in and any new Government of Egypt and (b) the members of the Syrian National Coalition, especially the Syrian National Council and the Free Syrian Army, that they publicly promise, enact and energetically enforce the protection of the practice of peaceful religious activities by all their citizens whether Muslim or non-Muslim

Is this something you feel able to support? 

If so, the petition can be found here.

(From E-News of The Church of England Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich)

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