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Number72 Press Release

11 September 2015 No Comment

Number72 Press Release

The Management Group of Number 72, have approved a strategic partnership arrangement with the local football group ‘Friday Fives’.


Led by Paul Tamsett and Matt Ayrton, the Friday Fives Club play at Sudbury Sports Centre every Friday night during the season. There are currently eight teams who take part and some of these will be endorsed by Number 72 and carry their logo.


The partnership offers a number of positive benefits to both parties. These include promotion of the support services offered by Number 72 and the opportunity for Friday Fives to be advertised more widely.


The Number 72 Team will also offer Chaplaincy at the Friday Fives events and 72 will  host some fundraising and social events that the Friday Teams will lead.


Speaking after their meeting today, Leaders of the two organisations agreed there are some very exciting joint ventures that the two organisations are planning.


For more details about Friday Fives  please contact Matt Ayrton (07792083832) or Paul Tamsett (07908001558)

Tim Ayrton – Director, Number 72

On behalf of the Management Group

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