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8 April 2020 No Comment

See Storehouse March 2020 Update .

I’m pleased to say that Storehouse remains open, however in light of the current Covid 19 crisis we have had to review our services. We continue to focus our support on those in our community who cannot afford to buy food. However, if anyone contacts us who needs support in other ways we are signposting them to local agencies. We are now able to offer pre-arranged collection slots for those with access to transport, we now offer home deliveries twice a week to those who can’t afford to reach us or are housebound. Our drop-in sessions remain open for anyone who can’t access transport, however these are now being run outside and maintaining social distancing rules.

We’re working closely with the Sudbury Community Network and a number of local churches to ensure that people can continue to access our services and receive community support when needed. Thank you to those churches who are partnering with us, we have space for more if you want to contact me.

As you can imagine the financial strain on our community is huge, it is likely to grow and probably out last the viral crisis. The number of new adult & child referrals we’ve received has trebled in the last 3 weeks, see the update (attached) for the March’s activity summary.

Due to reduced stocks in stores, closed churches, less people shopping in supermarkets – choosing to shop online and limitations on multi buys, the amount of products donated to us has reduced significantly. However, some local stores that have had to close have donated food to us. We have also benefitted from central funding to allow us to buy products directly from supermarkets, and local store managers have been incredibly supportive. Thank you to those who have donated food, but we need more so please give when you can.

That’s the technical update on Storehouse, but I feel the key thing to share is that regardless of the current crisis I can say that God remains completely faithful to us as a service. He has provided for all of our needs, He has given an amazing opportunity for us to share His love with those who don’t yet know Him. We know He will continue to hold us up as we know the poor are so close to His heart.

Huge thanks, every blessing & stay well.


Vicky Leonard

Storehouse Team Leader

Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri

Mobile: 07973 710905

Vineyard Centre, Tudor Road, Sudbury CO10 1NP

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