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Kettle & Fish Celebrates Third Birthday!

17 October 2008 No Comment

Normally you’d expect a kettle to get pretty furred up and less efficient in three years – and as for a fish, it would be exceedingly rancid! But put them together, set them up in St Peter’s on the Market Hill in Sudbury on 2nd October 2008, invite the town mayor, three musicians, provide a cake and bubbly, and hey presto! What a result!

In other words Kettle & Fish celebrated its third birthday on that date – we were crowded out with lovely people come to wish us well and set us off into the next year. And we had a lot to celebrate – much new equipment, a more varied and better quality menu, music from Paul Mizen most weeks, volunteers flaunting our new livery, and of course much to thank God for, in fact more than you could ever calculate. The general atmosphere of peace and calm each Thursday, the loving relationships that are being formed and cemented, the caring that’s exercised on all sides, the desire to serve God and the community through this wonderful CTiS venture all justify the existence of Kettle & Fish and above all keep the presence of God demonstrably visible through his people in the centre of our town. Thank you, Lord.

Malcolm Offord
Chairman & Manager Kettle & Fish (without a trace of bias!)

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