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Fellowship Snooker

21 January 2015 No Comment

Fellowship Snooker

Team Captains: Getting Ready for Next Season

When the Spring/Summer season begins in March, we are hoping that all the teams will be able to appoint a Team Captain (TC) to oversee their team.

The TC’s main responsibility will be keep an eye on the fixture list, to look out for when their team’s players are scheduled to play and check on their availability.

If they aren’t, the TC will need to find someone else from their own team to stand in for them.

If that fails, then to notify the person who is organising the evenings fixtures (that’s currently me), so that I can search for a ‘stand in player’ from one of the other teams.

If being a Team Captain is something that you think that you would enjoy doing and have the necessary time available, I’d be very grateful if you could let me know as soon as possible.

At the moment there are eleven teams in the Fellowship Snooker League. If we can’t find enough Captains, we’ll probably need to think about increasing the number of players that we have in a team and reducing the number of teams next season.

Many thanks

Paul T

Website: www.fellowshipsnooker.co.uk

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