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Fair Trade Sale

1 January 2013 No Comment

Fair Trade Sale

January 3rd – 5th, at Kelvedon

John & Rosemary Loy, who run a remarkable Fair Trade shop in Kelvedon (and if you’ve never been, you really should!), write:

As you may know, we have had a rather dismal year of trying to sell fairly traded good at our house in Kelvedon.  December’s two weeks were the bright spot but the other 7 weeks we opened were the worst ever.  So, we thought we’d try for a 3 day sale in January to see if we couldn’t catch people with some Christmas money in their pockets and entice them to help the poor in developing countries! 

We will be open for an after Christmas sale from Jan 3 – 5 at 150 High Street, Kelvedon, 10 – 5PM.  We have literally thousands of fairly traded goods including jewellery, clothing and accessories, wood, brass, puzzles, games, toys and food items in stock.  This means customers get more choice than in any store or outlet in East Anglia. Buying Fair Trade means the producers get a fair wage for their goods which means their children get food, schooling and medicines and the artisans feel good about making quality things Westerners desire. 

Email: jorolo@btinternet.com

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