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Climate Sunday

17 November 2020 No Comment

Now is the time COP26 was originally scheduled to take place, until Covid-19 caused it to be postponed to November 2021.  It’ll be in Glasgow, with the British government hosting it.

COP stands for ‘Conference Of Parties’ and it’s about bringing together nearly 200 countries to work on the UN Framework Convention for Climate Change.  COP26 will be crucial for our future and our planet.  We hope and pray that our government will lead well and lead by example.

Could I highlight two things we can do:

First, hold a Climate Sunday service, sometime between now and COP26.  A large coalition of churches and Christian development organisations have joined together to support the Climate Sunday initiative.  You can find info and resources at https://www.climatesunday.org/

Secondly, sign up to ‘The Time Is Now’, a “Declaration for a healthy, greener, fairer tomorrow”.  This petition is supported by a huge range of churches and organisations and is being spearheaded by The Climate Coalition.  You can find out more at https://www.theclimatecoalition.org/thetimeisnow

Andy Jowitt

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