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10,000 Shoeboxes leave Sudbury

15 December 2008 No Comment

ShoeboxesNena says a great big thankyou!

I could never have imagined what God would have in store for us when we started running “Operation Christmas Child” at Clare 6 years ago.  From small beginnings, processing just 1000+ boxes (and packing them into cartons in the empty Manse kitchen by torchlight), He has grown the interest and enthusisam locally until by last year it was clear we needed more space.  That was all I was asking in my prayers – that if He wanted the work to continue please would He guide us to a bigger centre.

Having committed the matter into His hands, I remained surprisingly calm, resting on His perfect timing – despite many calls from anxious team members through the summer “Have you found anywhere? WIll there be a campaign?”  Then came the day in early August when He prompted me to go for a coffee in a cafe in a local business centre which looked bustling and fully occupied. If you want the full story of exactly what happened just ask me, but for now I will just say that 24 hours later, without my asking, Bob Bettis had offered a big unit, cages, racking, pallets, parking for schools, fork lift truck and much more – I contacted Head Office still stunned. They were too – and immediately upgraded us to full Export Warehouse status.

God continued to astound me – when I started looking to grow the team to rise to the new challenges, over 60 new volunteers came to be trained and join in with great enthusiasm, many through “Sudbury Churches Together”. We opened our wonderful warehouse in November and spent a great month working together with a great team spirit. The children coming on school visits loved being there helping in such a happy atmosphere.  We finally loaded our Romanian lorry on 28th November with well-packed cartons full of such beautiful shoeboxes full of gifts of love stacked 6 high till we had filled every inch. As we waved Florin off with his precious cargo, waiting in Romania were 10,430  children who would receive a special gift from the Sudbury warehouse. God led us, God blessed us in so many ways – and who knows what He has in store for us in 2009?

Thank you Sudbury Churches Together for your interest and support.  What can we do in partnership next time?  I wonder what He has in mind. Meanwhile, I wish you a joyous Christmas-tide.

Best wishes from Nena.

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