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Sudbury Fire Trust

6 January 2016 No Comment

Sudbury Fire Trust

The Sudbury Fire Trust is now fully operational and ready to receive requests for assistance. Chairman of the Trust Tim Ayrton said “We are keen to hear from anyone who has suffered loss as a result of the fire. Please contact the trust in writing enclosing as much detail as possible about your situation.”


Tim explained that  letters should be addressed to:

The Sudbury Fire Trust

c/o The Town Hall,

Old Market Place,

Sudbury CO10 1TL.


Tim went on to say that following his  recent appointment to the trust, he would like to thank everyone who has donated funds and given other expressions of support which has produced a sum in excess of £15000 for distribution to those who need relief and help after the fire.  He also expressed thanks  to Sudbury Town Council for administering some of the funds whilst the trust was being set up.


In conclusion, Tim stressed how seriously the trustees were taking their responsibilities. He said “my colleagues and I recognise the importance of this fund to those who were caught up in this terrible fire. You can be assured every application we receive will be considered most diligently by the trustees.”

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