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1 July 2020 No Comment

From Adrian Curtis

“I work with World Compassion, a charity that works with Christians and churches in nations hostile to the Gospel. We work in China, Iraq, Iran, Myanmar and Cuba.

I am keen to let you know about a free webinar that we will be holding on July 7th at 7pm.

It is surprising that churches in nations such as Iran and China are some of the fastest growing churches in the world. The webinar will give an insight into the experiences of churches and Christians in these nations with an opportunity to pray for them and reflect on what we could learn that may help us in the UK.

Please can you share this with anyone in your church who may be interested to join the webinar? I attach a poster with details of how to register.

Please let me know if you need any further information.”

Adrian Curtis

t: 01443 555032

m: 07941 507850
twitter: @aidycurtis

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