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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2024

23 January 2024 No Comment

The week continues:
Day 5: Wednesday 24 January: 12.30 pm Service & light lunch at St Mary’s, Boxford.
Day 6: Thursday 25 January: 7.30 pm Forum at St John’s Methodist Church, Sudbury. Refreshments
from 7pm. Rev Jim Stewart will speak about “God and the Climate”. The talk will take up the
question of what Christians bring to the table in discussions of climate change and report briefly on
the way Christian Aid address the challenges. It will also touch on our own personal discipleship in
a challenging world.
Day 7: Friday 26 January: 12.30 pm Service & light lunch at Our Lady and St. John Catholic Church.
Day 8: Saturday 27 January: 8.00 am Prayer Breakfast: St Peter & St Paul’s, Lavenham – in the village
Refreshments will be provided most days.
The first four days gave us plenty to think about. We are very grateful to those responsible,
including the people who organised the refreshments. Most occasions were well attended,
but Tuesday’s rain may have discouraged some people. Please do your best to support the
remaining days.
The Week of Prayer is international and offers local opportunities to meet and pray with
fellow Christians of different denominations.
The theme this year is “You shall love the Lord your God… and your neighbour as yourself” (Luke
For more information, for those leading worship, and for those wishing to follow each day’s theme at
home, the material for the eight days can be downloaded from https://ctbi.org.uk/week-of-prayerfor-christian-unity-2024/ .

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