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Update on cut to international aid:

4 August 2021 No Comment

From last week’s Newsletter for our Anglican Diocese

The cut in the international aid budget has been passed by Parliament. All Suffolk MPs voted in favour of the cut which is disappointing since many of us, including Bishop Martin, had written to ask them to vote in favour of maintaining international aid at 0.7% of GDP. The government has promised to restore the cut when economic conditions allow i.e when the UK is not borrowing to finance day-to-day spending and underlying debt is falling. The head of UK Advocacy and Campaigns at Christian Aid, Pete Moorey, said, “It beggars belief that, in the middle of a global pandemic, with extreme poverty rising, we are turning our backs on the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world.”   Please pray for a restoration of the cut in aid as soon as possible and, of course, for those who will suffer as a result of the decrease in help and support in desperate situations across the world. 

The Revd Richard Stainer, World Development Adviser.

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