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Understanding Islam – did you miss it?

26 October 2011 One Comment

Understanding Islam


Rev’d Greg Webb writes: ‘It is important that we, as Christians, have a greater understanding of the beliefs of others. Only then can we have any meaningful dialogue and opinions. So, the talk by Revd. Colin Chapman was timely as well as being very important. He is an excellent teacher and gave a very clear introduction to Islam, its basics, its complexities, and its political side. He dealt clearly with the many questions that were raised. So worthwhile. I learned a great deal, and I am sure all who attended did as well’.

NOW you can hear (and even see – click on this link:-   CTiS YouTube) the whole event – order a CD (audio) or DVD (video) from Jill Pullan (rojill@aol.com) or 01787 372482.  Cost  £3, + £1.50 if sent by post.

Colin’s 2 pages of Notes are available. The leaflet he refers to  can be supplied on request. The sound track is available; it is in 4 parts (all pretty large files). Ask using the Contact Us form under Communicate.

ALSO you can post all those questions you wanted to ask, using the same form.

Colin will aim to answer them within a week.

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  • Colin Chapman said:

    The question of women in Islam is a very tricky one – and I find it very difficult to get the balance right. In a number of Islamic contexts (like Afghanistan) the position of women is certainly pretty depressing. But your friend has also drawn attention to the fact that in some contexts Muslim women are as liberated as others are. I’m sending as an attachment the chapter on Women in Islam from my book ‘Cross and Crescent: responding to the challenges of Islam.’ I’ve tried hard to get the balance right – and fear I haven’t succeeded. But hope it gives some more background on the subject and the variety of positions and views within the Muslim world.
    With best wishes, Colin.
    (Note: For the chapter on ‘Women in Islam’ see the following link.