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Two Rivers Mission

25 March 2014 No Comment

Two Rivers Mission from Eleanor Ridge

See 2RM News for plans afoot.  One local team member went on a trial weekend and to his surprise came back saying “It works – it really works!”

So the needs now are:

  • Individuals to step up and be involved.  No one will be asked to do something he or she would avoid
  • Hosts to accommodate Through Faith Missions Team travelling from all over the country!
  • Contagious enthusiasm as believers catch the Vision of speaking of Jesus to others in new places
  • Practical issues, bookings, ideas, safety, etc – the list is endless
  • Holy Spirit anointing on everyone but especially ON THOSE WHO WILL HEAR OF JESUS FOR THE FIRST TIME
  • PRAY – AND PRAY – AND KEEP ON PRAYING!  God knows but He waits for us to ASK   !!

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