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Two Rivers Mission

11 September 2013 No Comment

Two Rivers Mission (Colne & Stour Valleys)

May 2014 will be a once-in-a-generation opportunity to take part in a mission assisted by a national body. Through Faith Missions are coming to help us reach the people of the Stour Valley. 

All interested parties need to meet with them in September, so we can finalise which churches are taking part in the mission. Please note that TFM works through the churches – this is not a para-church mission or one run by CTiS which we are invited to be part of.

The meeting is on 25th September at 7.30pm in All Saints Church Hall.

Robin and Edward will be there to give a presentation and answer any questions people have about the mission and what it involves.

By the end of September, we will need churches to have signed up. This involves signing an invitation form provided by TFM. Please ensure you have done this if you wish to take part.

A poster for the meeting is attached.

There is more information on the Two Rivers Mission here .

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