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Support for Borneo

2 May 2012 No Comment

Support for Borneo (updated)

From David Ford, on behalf of Cornard Christian Fellowship

Time is now of the essence. We have heard from the agent, in this country, for The Living Waters Village in Borneo, that they hope to send the container on 26th May.  This shortens the time that we have at C.C.F. to collect any possible gifts that you might be able to give to them. Whilst not of an urgent nature, time can pass by very quickly and would therefore seek your kind attention, as soon as possible so, in turn, we can arrange collection and the ultimate transportation to the ‘collecting point’. There is an accompanying poster if you could utilise it to further spread the information.  Many thanks.

Items are required by 20th May.

As a follow up to the recent visit to C.C.F., as a Church, we are endeavouring to assist with the small matter of trying to fill a Container that is due to leave this country towards the end of this month.

Ronney  Heyboer’s contact in this country advises that the Container is partly filled with electrical equipment that has been given with regard to the building of further school premises within the existing ‘village’ 

The cost of transport is for the container and not its contents.

So the project is to fill the Container full with additional items that the ‘village’ requires.

Many of those who were able to join us when Ronney visited were able to assist in supporting the village and the children, but others may now wish to assist also.

For more information please see Borneo container poster A4 .


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