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Sudbury Prayer Room

18 June 2014 No Comment

Sudbury Prayer Room

24-7 was a phenomenon that started in this format in England and within a very short time was global, and continues to be so now.

The 24-7 prayer booking form for the Sudbury Prayer Room, at the Christopher Centre, is now live and can be found via our website.

To book a space read the information at:


or scroll down the page to book your slot.  We will operate a night watchman, for out-of-office hours, for safety.

The 24-7 web site is full of testimonies and live tweets and comments from live prayer rooms around the Globe, some very interesting guides and images – to assist in making a prayer space, a space for prayer.

The space is a place for you, to put down your baggage, to be still and spend an hour with the lord, there are some artist materials for those who wish to express there prayer in this way, cd player for music, space for contemplative prayer and some tools to facilitate us to get into an attitude of prayer, in what ever way this is for us as a personal experience, there is no right or wrong way to spend this time, only being mindful that during office hours there will be others in the building. come and join in this amazing time of prayer.


Be still and Know that I am God… Psalm 46:10

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