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Storehouse Update

12 May 2018 No Comment

Storehouse Update

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to host the CTIS meeting at the Vineyard Centre.  It was lovely to meet you all and put faces to names.  Vicky spoke about Storehouse and I hope it gave everyone a better understanding of what goes on in the foodbank.  We are actually 30% up this quarter, compared to last year, in the bags we have given out.  It usually quietens down around now but seems to be busier than ever.  As a result of this our crucial food stocks are getting a bit low.  Please see the Update for ideas for donations.

Just a quick mention of our fundraiser that is taking place at the Wagon and Horses this coming Saturday from 3-9pm.  We are hoping to have a cake stall but are a bit short on cakes!  If you love baking please consider donating a cake which can be brought on the day or left at the Vineyard Centre on Friday before 3pm.

Without all your support we couldn’t run this Ministry so I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do.

Many Blessings

Beryl Worvell

Storehouse Coordinator

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