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29 September 2020 No Comment

When we feed people we aim to emulate God’s compassionate heart by providing people with what they ‘want’ not simply what they ‘need’. When we go shopping we have a huge choice of what to buy, we don’t always buy exactly the same things each week – variety is the spice of life after all. We really try to put ourselves in to the shoes of the people who need our help.

As you can imagine times are very hard for people and sadly this situation is going to get worse before it gets better. We believe that many will need our support every week for several months, so our heart is to give individuals and families the variety that we all have the luxury of. We are trying to get this message out to our very generous community and need your help to do this.

As you will see on the attached picture  we have had to find a second storage room simply to store our mountain of pasta, baked beans, soup & tea. The reality is that ‘no man can live on pasta & beans alone!’ Therefore we have had to make the tough decision to not accept these items anymore. However, we have a long list of items that we desperately need and are currently needing to buy.

If you could share this information far & wide that would be the best thing you could do for Storehouse at present.

Every blessing, Vicky & the Storehouse team

The above text is on a PowerPoint slide .

The current needs are here .

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