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Simon of Sudbury – Victim or Villain

15 May 2018 No Comment

Simon of Sudbury – Victim or Villain

A debate has been organised for 15th June 2018 at St Gregory’s Church at 7pm.

This is part of the “Sudbury Heritage” events that were held mainly around St George’s day recently and included folk songs by Jonny Day telling the story of the Peasants’Revolt.

In 1375, Simon of Sudbury founded a college for training priests. St Gregory’s Place (and previously Walnuttree Hospital) now occupies the site, but an archway remains.

Simon went on to become Archbishop of Canterbury and Chancellor of England. He imposed the Poll Tax and was beheaded during the Peasants’ Revolt in 1381.

Read more about Simon at www.stgregorychurchsudbury.co.uk/simon and www.sudburyhistorysociety.co.uk .

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