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Revive 18-35s

2 December 2008 No Comment









Apologies for an error – the email address above should be greenow@revivesudbury.co.uk (not .com).

My name is Robert Greenow and I am writing to inform you about an exciting new event that will be starting soon.
From November 20th I and some others from Sudbury will be starting a new event aimed at the age group of 18-35’s called Revive.
The event will be held fortnightly at the Eden’s Project in Sudbury (45 Gainsborough Street) and start at 7:30pm and go on till we’ve finished (No later than 10:00).
We will be aiming to do a range of different things at Revive including, Bible Studies, worship times, discussions and socials.
The hearts of the leadership team involved in Revive is to see people coming to know God.
Please can you do your best to advertise this event to anyone you know who may be interested.
The name Revive comes from Psalm 80:18,
“Then we shall not turn back from You; Revive us, and we will call upon Your name.”
It is going to be a great time of people coming together and getting to know one another and our awesome God.

For more information please check out the Revive website, www.revivesudbury.co.uk or email me at greenow@revivesudbury.co.uk .

If you are unable to attend please pray for us as we prepare for and start this new event.

Many thanks,


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