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Request for help at Foxearth

30 March 2016 No Comment

Request for help at Foxearth – the local ‘A Rocha’ site

l have reached a point where l could do with some help at Foxearth. The first job is to burn wood brash from hedge work and tree branch removal. There are two large piles at the entrance, another into the reserve by a pond and lots in the south eastern boundary where the farmer has flailed his field margin. The burning would have to take place in the entrance area which means shifting some material to there. l have a waste exemption certificate from the Environment Agency to allow this operation. For cutting up larger pieces l have a couple of loppers and bowsaws. There is a large wheelbarrow for moving material to the bonfire and about 4 pairs of gloves for handling thorny branches.

Days will have to be Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

If you can help, please contact Mark Prima  mark.prina@arocha.org


A Rocha is an international Christian environmental and nature conservation movement. St John’s has a link with A Rocha who have purchased a scientifically significant field in Foxearth.  A Rocha are appealing for help with site clearance at the moment so that the site could be made more accessible and hopefully a centre for education. Read more.


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