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26 June 2024 No Comment

I am writing from Bury South community mental health team, we have a female on our caseload who has a number of flat pack furniture items that need to be put together, this individual has recently moved to the Sudbury area.  Due to family difficulties, inability to do this themselves, they have limited social support systems due to personal circumstances, and it would help this young family if the flat pack furniture all boxed could be put together.  I approached the men’s shed service, but heard nothing back, so as a church goer myself I thought it might be worth contacting some local churches to see if anyone had the time, or desire to help a young family in need.

The person consents to me contacting local churches to see if it’s possible, and if it were a possibility, another relative would be present whilst the furniture making took place.  Each box comes with an Alan key there are several items that need to be made up, desk, bed, wardrobe, and other bits of furniture all new and with instructions (about 6 or 7 in total I think).

If You think there is anyone at your church who might be able to help with this could you get in touch with me before 25th July (as I retire on that date from the team). (I am on leave between 26 June – 9th July).

Thank you for your time in reading this email.

Faith Macrow

Community Mental Health Nurse

Bury South Community Mental Health Team

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

G Block, Hospital Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk,IP33 3NR

Mobile: 07787 262990

Email: faith.macrow@nsft.nhs.uk

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