The next Prayer Breakfast is on Saturday 12 January at 98 Melford Road, hosted by Judith & Malcolm Offord on behalf of All Saints’, Sudbury.

The list to the end of March is here.

Eleanor writes:

Would you please pass this message on to my dear friends and assure them again that I ‘sit with you all’ every Saturday morning and pray at a distance.

Dear All,

When in March Norman’s stroke left him partially unable to speak, I decided I would never leave him alone so I have not been to church for nearly nine months.  Knowing that I could wither and die without that support, I went back to re-read  “The Shack Revisited” by C. Baxter Kruger Ph.D. follow-up to “The Shack”.   That blessed me so much I looked for further books he had written and came across “The Great Dance”.  What a find!   It has and is blessing me so much, teaching me how to get hold of what I long for, understand what I’ve known in part for so many years etc etc.  I can’t recommend it to you strongly enough.  It has filled my nine months with so much wonder – Jesus is alongside, involved in just everything.  So as I send you all a Christmas Blessing – I ‘dare you’ to get this book and see for yourself!

Much Love – Eleanor