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12 May 2021 No Comment

Ascension Day is on Thursday this week (13 May 2021) and marks the beginning of special periods of prayer.

Andrew Stewart-Darling writes:

Someone once said, “We learn to pray by praying”. We all have to start somewhere. Developing a prayer life is often described as a journey, and it can be a struggle, but I have found that when the journey is shared it is when I feel most encouraged. Over the next week, if they serve you, here are a couple of ways to help you in your own prayer walk and spiritual formation.

Bow Down (part of Thy Kingdom Come) – Friday 14th May, 9pm

This year, although we are still unable to meet safely in a public place, I am pleased to say we have a wonderful alternative. Thanks to technology, we are able to join with the wider church in Suffolk and the UK this Friday evening. The format remains the same, 9pm for 15 minutes, but just on a different day. (Sadly, not Pentecost Sunday, sorry!)

It would be great to encourage as many of us as possible in our own churches in Sudbury and surrounding areas to join in. This is going to be a special evening. Could you please help us get the word out through Facebook, social media and word of mouth, so we can see God’s Kingdom come in even greater power in our communities and county?  (A Bow Down image is attached for you to use.)

Follow the website link ready for this Friday:


Further details, along with a short promotional video, can be seen here. Bow-down banner is here.

24-7 Week of Prayer starts Sunday 16th May

Hosted by Stour Valley Vineyard

I was reminded this week that this is now the seventh year that we’ve been able to host 24-7 Week of Prayers, which are, in themselves, part of the 24-7 Prayer global movement started by Pete Greig. All of which are coming together as part of a shared vision of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York for Thy Kingdom Come, a global prayer movement for all denominations. Such unity!

It’s hard to disagree that there is a lot to pray for at the moment– with our world hit by a global pandemic and constant crises, but we know to reach the many God starts with the one – us! This week gives us an amazing opportunity to take time to seek His presence and to hear what He wants to say to us.

Again, for Covid safety reasons, our 24-7 Prayer Room will need to remain online this year, but it is simple to book and use. And, as Nicky Gumbel says (founder of Alpha), “God does not get confused by Zoom and technology”.

Book your virtual hour here.

We hope these arrangements bless you.

God bless,

Andrew Stewart-Darling

Senior Pastor, Stour Valley Vineyard

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