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29 January 2020 No Comment

St Gregory’s Church is working towards appointing a Parish Nurse for Sudbury.  To this end we are running an Open Meeting in All Saints Church Hall on 21st February at 7.30pm when Andrew Marfleet from the Felixstowe Parish Nursing Ministry is coming to give a presentation and answer questions.

Since a Parish Nurse would benefit all Sudbury, I would like to encourage anyone interested from CTiS to come along to this meeting.  The Parish Nursing Ministries UK are a Christian charity and we will be looking for people who might like to join our Sudbury team to support a health professional. If you want to know more about the value of this ministry, visit the website: https://parishnursing.org.uk/case-stories/

At this time we are still looking to appoint a health professional so this may also be a real opportunity for someone.  I attach a poster which I would encourage people to advertise in their churches please.  

Any questions do come back to me.

Mrs Mandy Turner

Treasurer and stewardship sec. for St Gregory, Sudbury

14 Lombardy Road, Sudbury  CO10 1LQ

Tel. 01787 312900 Mob. 07807915146

Email: mandyhgturner@gmail.com

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