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Official Opening – The Sudbury Autistic, Fun & Expression Group

11 April 2018 No Comment

Official Opening – The Sudbury Autistic, Fun & Expression Group

From Brendan Wren.

We are officially holding our opening event this Thursday at 10:00 am at Living Waters Fellowship (our usual time and place). We will be hosting to the MP for South Suffolk, James Cartlidge and will be officially opened by the Madam Mayor of Sudbury, Mrs Sarah Page.

Over the last few weeks, we have had SO MUCH tremendous support from the local church community, with people making donations and contributions towards our artistic work, as well as proving their skills for Autistic based activities. It has truly been a testament to local Christian support by the encouragement we have received in this new venture.

As a testament to the works, and word of God, we have not had an official open day as of yet, and we are being pressured by the DWP, local and West Suffolk based Job centres in order to open up a 2nd support group within the confines of Bury St Edmund’s.

We will have our usual activities readily available along with a few small handheld animals for sensory play. We would like to extend an invitation to any who would like to come and witness many fantastic works in progress as well as getting the opportunity to take in the sights of some beautiful masterpieces of simple genius. If that’s not enough for you, we have enough cake to make you diabetic simply by looking at it…..

We have had so much lovely support so far, and it would be lovely to host an event to show the public what it is we can do with all their generous contributions made to our cause.

We have recently had our website created by our members, and it is now officially up and running (please bear in mind, it was created by our members, who are far from rocket scientists, even though they could probably build one better than NASA). Visit it at www.thesafegroup.co.

We hope to see you there.

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