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22 November 2019 No Comment

Storehouse continues to be very busy and sadly the numbers in crisis don’t look to be reducing, in Oct we fed 205 adults & 144 children. We were amazingly blessed by Harvest donations this year and we received 8,594 items in October, thank you to all who supported us.

Our Christmas preparations are well on their way. We aim to reduce some of the financial burden on individuals and families, plus put smiles on faces of people who find this time of year challenging. With this in mind we hope to give everyone the normal basic food items plus a bag of Christmas treats. However, we need your help in order to do this. I have attached a poster which gives you a list of ideas for Christmas food treats.

Please note that the closing date for all Christmas items is 10th Dec. We need to get the food in, sorted and distributed before Christmas. We wish to reduce the worry about Christmas for people but we can only do that if we can give them these items early. Giving out food on Christmas Eve is lovely but it doesn’t really bless people in the same way. So please spread the word that Christmas comes early to Storehouse!

Thank you for your generous donations,


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