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4 November 2020 No Comment

Our prayers go out to the whole country as we face another lockdown and all the uncertainty and financial pressure this brings. We have seen a 40% rise in new referrals in the last month and we expect that number to sadly continue to rise. Christmas is always a challenging time for our community but this year it’s going to be so much harder for so many more.

We believe that God provides for our needs and brings hope in all circumstances. Our heart at Storehouse is to remind people of this truth especially at Christmas time. So, if you can donate an extra item this month to bring a smile to someone’s face that would be amazing.

Not knowing if you have enough Christmas goodies to provide for your family is a huge source of anxiety. Therefore, we aim to provide Christmas food parcels to people at least a week before the big day. We also need time to sort, pack and distribute the gift bags. So please give early, our collections close on 10th Dec and we will not be able to accept items after this deadline.

Please spread the word and let’s help to bring some light in to people’s homes.

Every blessing,


Please see the poster , which lists suggestions for Christmas items.

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