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Message from Jeff and Kay Lucas

24 March 2020 No Comment

From Peter Halden

I recently wrote to Jeff & Kay Lucas, who have come to Sudbury on a number of occasions, following seeing this post by Jeff on Facebook –

“Breaking news: Recently discovered research from the virus threat – a symptom (positive) is that one discovers what on earth really matters.”

I thought you might like to see their response:

Thank you for thinking of us.

We are in the UK, we just got back a week ago (from Colorado) probably for an extended stay!!  Who knows at this point.

It is certainly a weird, strange season we find ourselves in BUT we hope and pray that love and hope will prevail and that we see the goodness and kindness in people at a time like this.

Do take care of yourselves.

With our love and blessings to you all in Sudbury

Kay and Jeff

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