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8 March 2010 No Comment


Town Pastors not only prove they have a valuable spiritual contribution to make but they can also be in the right place at the right time when it comes to first aid. Recently, while out on patrol, the Pastors were called to an emergency where a young man had collapsed unconscious in the street. His friends had laid him on his back and the ambulance had been called. When the pastors arrived, they realised the young man needed to be on his side in the recovery position because there was every chance he may choke if on his back. They rolled him over and made him safe and as comfortable as possible until the ambulance arrived to take him to hospital.

Commented Town Pastor co-ordinator, Kevin Jones: “This is proof that Town Pastors can save lives because there was every chance this person could have choked. If a casualty is unconscious it’s important to remember, that until professional help arrives, and where possible, they are gently rolled over to their side and their chin lifted forward to open their airways better. This stops the possibility of their tongue going to the back of the throat and choking the person.”

First Aid information can be found on the St John web site: www.sja.org.uk .

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