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Lebanon Christmas update:

23 December 2020 No Comment

A Beirut’ pastor writes: ’We are all facing death day after day… and [quoting the French Foreign minister] “Lebanon’s collapse is like the Titanic’s sinking, only without the music” (see https://www.reuters.com/article/us-lebanon-crisis-france-idUSKBN28N0RX).
‘Families are sinking in the ocean trying to flee Lebanon, the rest are sinking in debts and anxiety,  Lebanon is sinking as a nation, so many times water reached our nostrils. However, every time,  our Lord has the final say’.

We are collecting for a Beirut church-based relief project we trust: file:///C:/Users/RPLCA/Downloads/alghada%202020.pptx.pdf  If anyone feels able to offer a little Christmas cheer, please email rojill@aol.com or call 07788637567 for how to send it to us, and we will do a Western Union transfer. Really, out there every little helps, and shows they are not forgotten.

Thank you.  -Roger & Jill Pullan

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