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9 June 2010 No Comment

St Andrew’s has a Justice Group and was involved with Justice Mail – read more at http://www.standrews-gc.org.uk/justice/index.htm.

For some time the founders of Justice Mail, John Andrews of The Church of the Martyrs in Leicester and myself have been feeling that in order to grow the movement we needed to put it on a sound organisational basis. We have therefore drawn up a constitution and asked the two parish councils of our respective churches to appoint trustees who will become the Board of Management of the organisation. Three trustees were appointed and we met for the first time on Saturday May 8 where we formally signed the constitution. I am attaching it for your information.

The basic idea is that Justice Mail is owned by the participating churches who are described as “member churches”. At present there are only two of these one in Leicester and one in Birmingham but we are hoping that more churches will be added.

In each of the two churches the email lists seem to have stabilised at about 80 users. Of course, as you know, you don’t have to be associated with these two churches to join Justice Mail since the lists are open to anyone who wants to participate. Nevertheless, we seem to have reached a point where in order to grow we need to find new churches to draw upon new circles of people. I am writing this message to you in the hope that there might be someone on our present list who is a member of a church other than the two original congregations, and might be interested in forming a new email list and building up a new group of users.

John Andrews and I reckon that it takes us between 20 minutes and 1 hour twice a month to locate a suitable action and send the suggestion to our users. The suggestions for action are drawn from a specific number of approved campaigning bodies, so choosing one is often not difficult. If you would like to start a local group, you can do so with only 3 or 4 users, and watch it grow! You can ask your church to appoint you as a trustee of Justice Mail and take an active part in the development of this enterprise.

You would not be on this list at all if you were not committed to taking actions for justice and peace. If you are also a church member, I invite you to consider whether you might be called to this as a Christian service. Please get in touch with me if you feel so called, and we will work together to start your group.

Yours Faithfully

John M Hull

Honorary Professor of Practical Theology in The Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education and Emeritus Professor of Religious Education in The University of Birmingham

You can download the constitution here.

Lynda Lunn

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