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Football Chaplaincy Team

8 October 2012 No Comment

Goalkeeper Brian now in the front line!

For countless generations the Christian faith was seen as very much a part of life, and not just a Sunday thing.   Christians becoming available to the wider community is what makes our faith relevant, and to this end Churches Together in Sudbury and District have now developed a chaplaincy team, headed by the Reverend Brian Stenner, for the A.F.C. of Sudbury. Now not only can you enjoy a good game of football and a tasty hot dog at half-time, but also the services of the recently introduced Chaplain and his team.

The need for spiritual help is in no way less important than training.  Along with the physio’s  speedy attention to a touch of cramp, the mental approach that players need in order to find the confidence to engage in what is, after all, a highly competitive sport, is also an integral part of the club’s environment. Indeed, many Christians will join me in believing that a spiritual awareness can have a greater impact on the team and club’s wellbeing than the more obvious aspects of the game. Few players can survive a whole season trusting only in the “cold sponge” and a referee’s whistle judiciously blown to bring them success.

The pressures on young men and women playing sport at this level can be hugely increased by work and domestic issues outside the club that can feel insurmountable. Enter the Chaplain, offering a friendly ear and the words of hope that can so often turn negatives into positives in a times of difficulty.

How does the Chaplain’s team work? Well, although you will see the chaplaincy team at most home games, we are non-intrusive unless called upon.  Our help is strictly in confidence, as well as being equally available to people of other faiths, or no faith at all. We pray for all aspects of the club: management, first team, reserves, ladies’ team, spectators – and even those who officiate at matches!

Just as Jesus came to serve and freely give, so we too hope to serve the club in this way.

Peter Sebbage

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