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Fellowship Football

18 September 2018 No Comment

We really value support and prayers from local Churches. Requests:

The New Season

We play on Monday nights, from September 24th to July 2019.

Please pray that we will keep our faith central to everything we do.

League Chaplain 

The role of a Christian team leader is quite demanding. The typical day to day duties include: – organising players, washing kit, collecting match fees etc., These can absorb our energies and limit the time to devote to personal support ministry.

We would really value someone with a love of the Lord and a passion for football to devote themselves to a league chaplaincy role. Someone who is:-

  • Sociable, enjoys the company of others.
  • Available most Monday evenings to watch the lads play, get to know them and     when appropriate provide counsel and pray with them.
  •  Able to deliver a one minute pre-match talk, explaining to the players how the    teaching of Jesus affects the league.
  • Able to lead a monthly small group with a Christian focus.

If you know anyone who might fit the bill, please contact me.

Paul            Paul Tamsett paultamsett@talktalk.net )

CTIS&D will have 2 teams this year comprising the “Churches Together” Team and also the “ISAD” team  (the team Mark Gillett took over running  last season from folded Town Pastors team and re-named.)

Read more about Fellowship Football at www.fellowshipfootball.co.uk/ .

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