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Fairtrade Fortnight ….

3 February 2008 No Comment

Fairtrade Fortnight: 25th February to 9th March

Fairtrade Fortnight prompts us to see if there are more Fairtrade products we can buy regularly, knowing that the original producers will get a realistic return for their labours. Can we persuade our shops to increase their range? Might our employers, or the clubs we attend, commit to Fairtrade? We can all help to eradicate injustice.

Most churches use Fairtrade products, but not all have made the formal commitment.

Could you or anyone you know take on the role of promoting Fairtrade in Sudbury?

There are lots of ideas at http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/ 

(but if you do not have broadband, be warned that some documents are large files).

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