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Easter Story 2010 Update 20 March

20 March 2010 No Comment

With two weeks to go, the many pieces of this vast jigsaw are coming together – the Disciples are gathered (one vacancy!), the Roman soldiers are enlisted and will be a force to be reckoned with, the sound recording is well underway, the costumes of all shapes and sizes are being fitted, the music is in place, the children briefed and all the cast and the dancers are very busy rehearsing – and all with a great sense of loving fun!
We will ‘walk through’ the route early on Sunday 28th March so that no one takes the wrong road! Local support from Police, Ambulance and Town Council are a great encouragement and the response from folk in town is “Good! – you are doing it again!”.
Over, under and all way round every aspect, has been a great deal of prayer – our whole aim is that God’s wonderful story of the Lies that took Jesus to the cross and the Love that held Him there will be heard clearly and maybe even for the first time. Refreshments are offered at the end in St Gregory’s church and there will be opportunity to talk further with the cast etc. Altogether around 100 people have been involved in this presentation – to say nothing of the angels watching ready to rejoice with us as everyone involved is blessed by God’s Great Love Beyond Measure!

Approximate times
11 am at The Croft – Passover Celebration, Anguish and Arrest of Jesus –
11.25 at top of North Street – Trial by Priests,
11.45 by St Peter’s – Trials by Citizens and Pilate
12 noon at The Croft – Crucifixion and Resurrection Celebration.

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