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East Anglian Preaching Academy

4 June 2014 No Comment

East Anglian Preaching Academy (Spectrum Christian Studies)

“Preaching is so important. Like never before the church needs people who are great communicators, hungry for God’s word, inspired by the Spirit and pastorally aware. In addition the church needs preachers to understand the culture, the contemporary contexts people are in and what is shaping the way people think.


The East Anglian Preaching Academy is being set up to train preachers to have one foot in the Word and the other in the world. Not yesterday’s world but today’s world.


The first endeavour of this Academy is 9 training sessions over 9 months (supplemented by assignments) led by church leaders and lay people with a track record in effective preaching. It is for men and women of all ages who want to improve their preaching, however long they have been preaching, and anyone who wants to realise their preaching potential. You are very welcome to join us.”


Andrew Buttress, Preaching Academy Co-ordinator/Director of Spectrum

For more information see http://www.spectrumchristianstudies.com/east_anglian_preaching_academy.htm.

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