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Conman Alert

17 July 2008 No Comment

Dear All,
I got a warning yesterday Lincolnshire  Police that the very plausible
conman, who operated extensively in the East Midlands division
and other parts of the UK last year, has been released from detention
and is now operating his scam again – unfortunately already with success
in Saxilby. Usually he asks for help with travelling costs to attend the
funeral of his mother or other relative.
 Would you all please be aware that this 30-ish, slim, inoffensive man,
who has no outstanding features and a neutral accent, is extremely
convincing in his approach, has a terrific memory for names, and has
been using various officer’s names as reference. He seems to be using
names from notice boards to provide him with an alias.
Any approaches or sightings should be quickly reported directly to
Gainsborough Police as last time – PC Haddock was our contact. Tel:
01427 810910

Rudi Bruinewoud

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