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12 October 2011 No Comment

New site aims to map Christian social action

A new website aiming to map all Christian social action taking place across the UK has just been launched and is appealing to projects to add their details.

Soup kitchens in Stockport… refuges in Tower Hamlets… Street Pastors in Llanelli… night shelters in Norwich… foodbanks in Perth… CAP centres in Bangor… prison visitors in Gateshead – all could be added to the JustMap website.

Daniel Russell from Christian homelessness and poverty charity Green Pastures Housing, which is behind JustMap, said: “There are thousands of churches and Christian groups across the UK carrying out vital social action projects, supporting people disadvantaged by poverty, sickness, addictions and abuse. JustMap aims to map all the Christian social action taking place across the country.

“The purpose of the website is to demonstrate the relevance and value of the Church to a “post-Christian” society and to become a tool to help projects learn, share and find support. JustMap will also help groups to recruit more volunteers by providing a straightforward way for people to see what Christian activity to serve the poor is taking place in their community. JustMap can become a launching pad for the Church in the UK to become united in serving the most disadvantaged people in our communities,” said Daniel.

It will take just five minutes to visit www.justmap.org.uk and add your projects.

(Malcolm S adds – Please zoom in to maximum before planting your flag!) This item came via network Norwich & Norfolk.

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