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Bow Down (at home ) is happening this Sunday!

29 May 2020 No Comment

Pentecost Sunday, 31st May at 9pm

This Sunday at 9pm, we are inviting you to kneel and pray with all our local churches at Bow Down for 15 minutes.

We come together as one, united church in Sudbury and the surrounding areas to pray for God’s light to shine in our community. To change lives and see breakthroughs in our towns and villages. And there has never been a more important time to do it, not least with the threat that comes with Covid19. Not only are our lives in danger, but livelihoods too with the breakdown of families, rise of domestic abuse, collapse of businesses and loss of people’s income. We also want to lift up our key workers and government together to bless them.

We would usually meet in the centre town, but instead, this year, we are asking you to hold Bow Down in your own home. At 9.15, as the sun begins to set, we invite you to stand outside your home, lifting up your phone as a torch, or using a real candle if you prefer, to declare together God’s love and blessings over our neighbours down our streets and wider communities. You may even like to stand in your street and pray!

PDF of the prayer programme  is attached with this email. We have also made it available as a webpage version for you to use on your smart phone.

Simply follow the link below and bookmark it, ready for Sunday evening at 9pm:


Lastly, we would love it if you could take a selfie of yourself or family holding up your phone candle and post it on your Church’s Facebook page or your own social media feeds, eg Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag, #bowdown .

Let’s tell our community and country that God loves them and that we are praying for his hope and healing on them Pentecost.

Last year we saw a healing on the street while we were praying. Wouldn’t it be great to report more this year? Let’s expectant that the Spirit of Pentecost will be at work in lives this year too.

Keep safe. Be well. God bless.

Andrew Stewart-Darling

(On behalf of the rest of the Bow Down Team (Ben Troughton and Mark Ullanoski)

Bow Down is part of Thy Kingdom Come, a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray from Ascension to Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus.

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