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An appeal

13 November 2015 No Comment

An appeal

Faith was never so beautiful as when it has it’s working clothes on. James 2:14-18.

An appeal from Sudbury Community Kitchen. We are a sub group of the Sudbury Market Town Partnership.

Our aim is to reach out and support those in need in a very practical way. We intend to begin by feeding people (soup and bread to begin with); it is here that we appeal for your help.

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have lost our venue. We desperately need another. Can you help? We are looking at 2 lunchtimes a week. Mon & Fri from 12-2p.m. Our plan is to start this project on Mon 4th Jan.

I would ask you to not rush into a decision. Please pray about it, ponder on these passages James 2:14-18 and Matthew 25:35-44. More than ever we need to hold out the hand of friendship to those on the fringe and those without a voice. We need your help.

Thank you. Teresa Bishop 01787 311558.

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