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A thought on the election.

14 April 2015 No Comment

A thought on the election.

A few weeks ago Bishop Graham of Norwich Cathedral in his BBC Radio 4 morning slot talked of the transient nature of the election vote X and the eternal X of the Easter message.

Our country seems to be ruled by election promises that are rarely kept and few bring about real changes of truth and justice in our country. Only by turning to Jesus can promises and justice prevail.

In fact David Cameron went to great lengths to broadcast the benefits of Christian principles to help those Christians abroad who are being persecuted. Very laudable, but little is mentioned of the many Christians in the UK who are also being persecuted.

With that in mind, as disciples of Jesus, we have the power through the Holy Spirit to effect a better world. If each Christian, committed to the Lord’s prayer “Thy will be done”, were to email, petition, or use other methods of communications, explaining how damaging these incidents can be and how  deeply upset, as people of faith, we are.

There are many of them, (go to the web site of Christian Concern) and, by spending just 15 minutes per week put aside to this cause we can truly make a change with God’s blessing. We can all get involved, the young, the more senior of us!, the busy and not so busy, those with hair and those like me with very little!! Yes we can all take part in the Church militant and Church Triumphant.

And so let’s get going, share experiences with one another but above all pray for the victims, the persecutors and for peace and justice.

Peter Sebbage

April 2015


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